Handmade Smooth Recycling Papermaking Research in Western Australia by Dr.Leslie.C. Westerlund

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Leslie Westerlund BSc,MEnvSc,DipIrid,IPA.
Leslie is at a Technology Centre in W.Australia demonstrating his research in a new method of creating an environmentally friendly handmade paper that is both smooth and textured.
Leslie would like to help developing countries use this new technology to help empower local community groups to make a high quality paper, calligraphy paper, art paper; printers paper that can be value added into cards, certificates, gift sets, books, diaries, wedding invitations, business cards, name cards and stationery lines.
An A3plus is made for Art Paper and then cut into smaller sizes for printing: (A3plus=(35x45cm); A3=(30x40cm); A4= (20x30cm); A5=(10x15cm); and envelopes diecut; or to your order).

The Mission

The mission statement is to create a environmentally friendly business based on all the good scientific and environmental principles that can be promoted.
reuse of waste paper, lint, cotton or bark
& adding flowers from your garden
& reuse of existing paper colours and chemicals;
& reusing water many times in production;
& wood and solar heating of water;
& solar energy in drying;
& composting waste pulp and effluent;
& die-cutting shapes
& printing using modern colour phaser printers/ photocopiers / calligraphy;
& encouraging skilled people to rediscover a craftsmanship in holistic papermaking.

Organization News

Leslie is needing grants to initiate projects in (YOUR COUNTRY), Fiji, South Africa, South America,  New Zealand and Australia. One hundred thousand dollars will start to change ten tonnes of waste paper into one million sheets of Leslie's special paper; employ several people and save the environment.
Leslie is conducting further research at a University and thanks all sponsors: including Major Sponsors-National Lifestlye Villages- NLV; and many minor sponsors and/or advice: Fusion Piping; Parkin Print; Snap Printing-Rockingham; Spotless; Austrahose; Candor; RickHart; Bunnings; OnTimeEngineering Fiji; Tridek Welding-Fiji; and is open to help with his PhD scholarship/sponsorship. Leslie was in Fiji setting up a new smooth papermaking technology... see the pictures:

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